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Public speaking courses you’ll actually want to take



As a comedian and a former lawyer, Alex Keenan knows the power of stories. Every step of her career has been about changing the world by creating new narratives. A disarming and accessible speaker, she can help you connect with your team or conference delegates. She uses humour and storytelling to address issues such as:

- Personal and professional transformation

- Imposter Syndrome

- Storytelling for change



Public speaking opens doors to connect with others and spread your message on a large scale. Stage Light’s courses, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching teach you to speak powerfully and authentically, with a message that hits the mark every time. Experience improv and storytelling techniques in a relaxed environment where you’ll develop:

- Confidence

- Stage presence

- Speech-writing skills



Tough conversations and complex processes call for a neutral third-party who will ask the right questions and keep your team on track. Hire a trained facilitator with experience in corporate governance, non-profit organizations and local government - someone who can accelerate your:

- Strategic planning

- Team-building

- Professional development