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Yes, public speaking can be this easy


“I could never do that.”

Sound familiar? You want to pitch your business idea, bring in new clients, change the world, or give a toast at the wedding of someone you love. But public speaking is something other people do. It’s just not for you. You get too nervous. Your voice shakes. You never know what to say.

Cool story, bro.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to live that way. You can be the one giving the speech, inspiring the crowd, and living the life you want. It’s easier than you think! Every brilliant public speaker you’ve ever seen was once in your shoes. And you can end up in theirs.

Some people get there the hard way, through sheer force of will. That path is scary, it’s boring, and it’s long.

Stage Light clients do it the smart way, by learning effective strategies and working with someone who knows the ropes. The smart way celebrates your unique style and personality, and never asks you to fake it. The smart way is fun - because why would you stick with something that isn’t?

After your first class you’ll be buzzing with excitement. After eight weeks you’ll never look at public speaking - or yourself - the same way again.


Fearless Public Speaking

This 8-week program delves into the art of public speaking: building confidence, finding your authentic voice, crafting a vivid message, and delivering it with style. Improv games will get you thinking quickly on your feet, and stimulating group discussions will help you think more deeply about what you’re learning. With plenty of low-stress opportunities to present in front of the group, expect to get a lot of practice during these sessions.


Orate Like a Rockstar

Designed for more experienced speakers and graduates of the Fearless Public Speaking program, this intensive 8-week series explores what makes for a really great speaker. Bring your own presentation and learn how to use speechwriting techniques, storytelling and humour to take it to the next level.

(Not offered in spring 2019. Contact us to receive updates)


Custom Workshops

Help your team punch up their public speaking with an improv-inspired pubic speaking workshop tailored to their needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Prepare your pitch, express your brand and find your audience with a fun, confidence-boosting, creativity-inspiring workshop your team will actually want to take!

Ready to change your story?